Attempted Runner.

I don’t always wear hats when I run…

Not a whole lot of exciting things have been going on this past week.

Rule #1 of successful blogging: be interesting.

I have been thinking about purchasing a GPS watch but I’m very undecided. I’m typically an indoor treadmill runner. I borrowed my sisters TM….some people borrow books or cups of sugar….I borrow treadmills. The TM is old and squeaks really loud. Like obnoxiously loud and although I watch netflix and catch up on all my shows I’m getting bored of indoors. I want to run outside but still nervous about that….anyway, I’m making a pros and cons list on A. If I should buy one and 2. Which one to get.

My current choices have been narrowed down to the Nike+ Sportwatch in white


And the Garmin Forerunner 10.


I’m leaning more towards Nike+ but have read mixed reviews. Any suggestions? It would be a starter watch, so nothing to elaborate is needed at this time.
Speaking of needed. My pro-compression socks I ordered a week ago finally shipped. I was so excited when I saw this in my email this morning.


In other news, I downloaded the nike training club app and did the first workout. No wonder why it has the word sweat it in. It kicked my butt. I figured I might as well get serious about training (place your bets now for when the slacker kicks in) so what better time than now.


I was going to go for a run today, but like I said my borrowed treadmill is obnoxious and it was way too hot to go it outside. I only run in 85+ degree weather for tribute runs…

Like I did yesterday with Fleet Feet Pleasanton.



It was a pretty decent turn out. We went 2.62 miles, but my iPod and Google/Nike+ course creater things both said 2.79 (my iPod said 2.75). I think they did a last minute run-around-the-flag-go-USA course change. I didn’t mind. 2.62, 2.75, 5 miles…it was all for Boston so I did it, even though I was sweating more than I have sweated in a long time.

I think I sweated way more and got overly hot as because I also wore a hat. I never wear hats running…but when I do, I tribute the heck out of it.

Please ignore the blurry-ness of the photo. Asthma inhalers make my photographers hands shakey….and her personal trainer who worked her arms so hard they wobbled when she held them up. Well played CJ (trainer).

And lastley, my dinner tonight was fantastic. Gluten free Mongolian beef broccoli. I took the PF Chang Mongolian beef recipe I found on pinterestand modified it slightly. You should try it…it’s great.


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