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I may never qualify to run at the Boston Marathon, but I will ALWAYS qualify to run for Boston.
04.18.13, 15:12
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I do not follow politics. I tend to avoid press conferences or news clips that revolve around what our (past, present and future) President says or does. Politics have no interest in my world. Yes, I’m proud to be an American but I just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may. However, I have paid close attention to Obama these past few days and this may be the greatest thing he has said in all his years in Presidency.

“And this time next year, on the third Monday in April, The world will return to this great American city to run harder than ever and to cheer even louder for the 118th Boston Marathon.”

And that, we will.

To the individual/group who did this…You make me sick and I will not waste my breath even talking about you. I hope you get caught and I’ll be honest….I hope you die a very brutal/painful SLOW death. Effin’ Asshole.

It saddens me that a blog post (my blog or anyone’s blog) revolving around something of this magnitude has to be written. I wish this subject matter never came across any news articles, tweets, Facebook posts, blogs. Simple put, wish it never happened…but for the fact that a terrible person/persons created such a horrific event on Monday, April 15th, it just seems wrong to not write about it now. I can’t ignore that it happened. I can’t forget those that have suffered or who stepped up and are heroes in my eyes….

To the Runners at Boston, Runners of the world, Spectators, Friends, Family, Service Men and Women, Law Enforcement, volunteers and most importantly the Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings,

I cannot even begin to come up with the right words to express my deepest sympathies to you.  What began as a day of dreams coming true for people turned into a nightmare for all. People all across the world came to Boston to Celebrate an equal love for the sport. A sport that has no reason to be the target of someone’s cruel act. A sport, with a following that will fight back harder than you can imagine.

We will run for those that cannot.

I will run for you…

My community….

My family. 

I was not at Boston but I watched the story unfold for hours on end. I hoped for the best, even those images showed the worst. I was devastated by those that were injured, lost limbs and above all those three that lost their lives. I cannot say it enough, but I will…my heart goes out to you and your families.

We cannot reflect on the bad. It will only bring us down more. With that, I want to take a look back on the good. I was elated to see the amazing acts by people.  A community coming together without a second thoughts to their own safety. Who knew if there was a third or fourth bomb that could have exploded?

I read stories of the marathoners themselves, that after running 26.2 miles they continued right on to the blood banks.

I read stories of Bostonians opening up their doors to the runners that did not have food/money/clothing because their personal items were still in bag check.

A man who finished running the marathon  gave his medal to someone who did not finish (they were 1 mile short). Click to read story .  I hope they reconnect.

Military men who ran the marathon in full fatigues, boots, and rucksacks….who are the among the same people that you see on the videos tearing down barricades to get to the injured.


Carlos Arredondo, despite his loss of two sons (one in Iraq and the other to suicide over the loss of this brother) jumped in without thinking twice to save Jeff Bauman’s life (I won’t post the iconic photo of Jeff because its too much. I’m sure everyone has seen it by now though).


Carlos, The Hero in the Cowboy Hat.


(Jeff – I’ve read his fathers facebook page and he’s doing well).

The volunteers that helped 78 year old Bill Iffrig, cross the finish line. I was so worried about Bill when I saw him fall during the first blast.


I know there are hundreds of others, but I can’t find pictures of them all.  Everyone from the ones taking their shirts off and using that to help put pressure on wounds, carrying the injured away and all the way to the Medical Staff at each hospital location.

I cannot thank each and every one of you for helping the way you did.  I am truly thankful that Jeff, Bill, and the 180+ others are doing well, just because of you.  It amazes me how much people will band together and push their own safety out of the way to support someone else.

To the Nation – wearing blue/yellow the following day. Phenomenal. Wearing tribute bibs (I got mine from page). Even local running events in your area to just show support. All of this and more, just leaves me speechless. This shows not only to ourselves, but to all of you affected by the Boston Bombings…..

We are there for you and we are with you in every step of the way.


(My bib and blue/yellow I wore)

To the guy on Instragram that was giving me a hard time about posting a photo (seen below) asking to wear a shirt to show your support…SHAME ON YOU TO THE TENTH DEGREE!!! This guy tried to get in an argument with me saying that me wearing a shirt isn’t support in any way what-so-ever. Yea, ok. Tell that to the thousands of people wearing their shirts/bibs in support right now. I ended up blocking the guy because he is just a disgrace. Seriously? For being some fitness guru and a “coach” that wasn’t very supportive or coach like of him.


My instagram page; AttemptedRunner#

My condolences go out to the 180+ victims who suffered some sort of injury or loss….and to the thousands of others that have emotional damage. I’m one of them. I didn’t even realize how great my passion for running was [always say I hate it but can’t stop doing it] until this happened.

We, the runners, the nation, will run for you.

We will give all our support to you.

Don’t give up hope.

But most importantly…a final remembrance to the three who lost their lives

Martin Richard.


Krystal Campbell.


Lingzi Lu.




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Beautiful. I love it.

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