Attempted Runner.

The best part of screwing up your order is receiving a piece of heaven wrapped in a bun.

This week worth of exercises was crap. If I took a look at this past week, I would never believe that I lost 51lbs (1.0 this week. Don’t know how but heck yes!!) as of today. I worked a few hours on Monday, came home and ran 2 miles then went to my doctor a few hours later. As I mentioned, I got hip bursitis but I think going to the doctor really pissed it off because I have not hurt this much since the first few weeks of developing it. After my doctors, I had to go to my other job (temping) so I couldn’t roll, ice, or reaaaalllly stretch. Tuesday I was suppose to do something but I hurt too much so I just dosed up on meds and laid around. Thus, Convicted slacker. Wednesday I worked both jobs. I was a miserable wreck by the time I got home. My normal job is from 630-330 and I temp from 530-830. I only have an hour in between (not counting travel time) and that’s to eat dinner at 430 like my grandma. I was already achy so I went to pay a visit to my good friend Mr. Bioreeze.

(Apparently I have mood lighting in my room so that explains the reason for the red tinted photo) I slathered that all over my hip and took ibuprofen. I get to my second job and things go down hill. My ear starts to ache, I get a giant headache, my back is hurting from the 12+ hours of office work. My hip is yelling at me and my knees hurt. Things can’t get any worse, right? Wrong. As I’m getting into my car I stepped down without realizing there is a step (second time I did this…klutz) and a pain shoots up by entire back. You would think I’m older than I am. I admit, I cried the entire way home. I was tired and in pain and wanted the day to be over. Thursday repeat of Wednesday minus the earache, missing a step and crying. Today, I only had to work one job so originally (Monday) I planned to run…never happened. EVERYTHING still hurts. I’m so tired of this and want it to be gone. Being sore and in pain from a workout is 100393726382 times better than the aches and pains from whatever the heck is going on with me. Tomorrow, I don’t know if I a. Have time. B. There’s always time and c. Not hurting too much to do anything (I’ll bosu even if I die) and Sunday……yay for Sunday!!! Kiss me dirty is on Sunday and I’m excited! It’s so much fun to get all muddy!!! I’ll update my blog with those details later. Well, with the (s)lack(er) of exercises and increase of body aches, still pretty thrilled that I lost one more pound. However, I don’t think my dinner tonight helped any but let me tell you a little secret.. I’m so glad I messed up my order one day because otherwise I never would have known how amazing the Royal Red Robin burger w/ GF bun is. I swear it’s the best burger I have ever had….ever.

(Photo not mine because I’m also one of those who don’t like to take pictures of their food in public cause its weird. Photo from

Yes, that is an egg. Yes, I thought “Eew, that’s gross” and I never would have ordered it if I knew, but I ordered it once by accident thinking it was a regular and I’m one of those that won’t send anything back to the kitchen cause I’m afraid. But I’m hooked. Order it every time now…don’t worry, I still get the side salad (no croutons and a tiny tiny bit of dressing) instead of fries and the light freckled lemonade. That counts for something, yea? :0)


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