Attempted Runner.

First world runner problems:

First world running isshoes (I’m a master at puns, btw).

I started my running career in a pair Nikes right off the shelf because they were cheap yet decent looking. They didn’t feel good at all.  I was then fit tested and attempted runner approved. I was put into grandma looking shoes; Brooks Ariels cause I need control because I pronate and needed high inserts for my non moving arch. Despite them looking like something the 80 year olds wear on Saturday mall walking days, I
purchased them.


And fell in love. I ended up owning three pairs in green and one in blue. Upon my first half I was in need of a new pair and was excited to see that Brooks upgraded the style, color and a few other factors.


I was in heaven cause they looked better. Colorful!! Less 80year old!! I got them and wore them a few times before my half. 6.5 miles and they seemed ok, a little different but thought it was cause of the slight modifications.

My half marathon comes, I get injured (Doctor confirmed Hip Bursitis…I named my him Brutus the brutal bursitis). I wonder if it’s the shoes. It’s a good excuse…not so much my slacker style training or the waaaay over usage that weekend. Blame something else…shoes!!  I went back to Fleet Feet and asked if my shoes could cause the pains. After all, I did loose 50 pounds so maybe my shoe no longer needs to be a clunker. I now kick my ankles cause my thigh fat doesn’t keep my legs as far apart from each other anymore. The sales rep just laughed and watched me walk. She said my gait changed and perhaps I do need to step down in shoes but it’s nothing serious and the Brooks I have should be ok.

Two months later, I still am afraid to wear them. My old brooks are great, my new Brooks, perhaps psychological, causes issues. I borrowed my sisters magic runDisney edition New Balance 860v3’s to see if maybe they work well…..and so I can get the Disney edition at the next race too!!


They felt fine while wearing them. Slight eh-not-so-sure moments but thought it could just be the adjusting from Brooks control clunkers to New Balance stability lighter weight shoes.

My first world runner problem……..what shoes do I use? Apart of me wants to keep my new Brooks cause maybe they are not the reason.. and apart of me wants to get New Balance  860v3 shoes because they have the NY marathon edition (I love the skyline!!) And same model as runDisney shoes.


I know I have to go back, again, and get fitted…but ugh. I want support and what’s perfect for me
….but I also want fun colorful shoes!!


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