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Goonies never say die.
04.06.13, 20:03
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I’m an official Goonie. Last weekend I ran Lagoon Valley. It was my first real race since January and I was worried my hip wouldn’t hold out. I did a million stretches while waiting for my wave (5k) to go hoping that it would help some. The air horn blows and I start jogging away. We round the first hill with a slight incline and my hip seems to be holding out. Just sore and a little tired. Around the 1/2 mile mark I think I just went numb, so I did the “smart” thing and just kept going, trying not to think about it. I ran the first full mile, pretty proud of that. I then ran off and on for the next mile. Mile 2 comes around and this is what I was dreading. The 2.2 mile mark started at the base of a hill.


From afar this hill doesn’t look like anything but let me tell you…..Boy, was it something! The pop up tent was at the base of the hill. That person wearing white was at the “halfway” point. I started running up the hill from the tent to the halfway point. I was doing well and then all of the sudden…at the halfway point the hill went to like a straight 90degree angle!!!! It  was so steep that I, and everyone else, was leaning so far forward our noses almost touched the ground! (Slightly exaggerating, but not a whole lot…It was steep!). I get to the what-I-Think-is-the-top just trying to breathe and I finally look up and see ANOTHER HILL! You can’t see it in the picture, but trust me….it’s there. I get up the second part of the hill and then luckily, the rest is fairly flat and then downhill. I like down hills. I finished at 45:51, I think it was. Not my best, but not my worst either.  I think I did very well considering my excuses: 1. I haven’t run in two months. 2. hills kills!!! (Lagoon Valley motto: Goonies never say die) 3. I’m just slow. The biggest thing is, I finished and that’s all that mattered to me.

Next day, I was a little sore but not as much as I thought I would have been. I did some yoga just to stretch out to be sure then went off to Easter. I come home and my lovely Fiancé hung up my medal holder, my Disney Half Marathon shadow box and a few picture frames. I was pretty excited and it was just one more thing to add to my motivation nation.



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