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My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been. – Diane Arbus
03.23.13, 16:56
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The thing about hiking is that it doesn’t feel like you are doing a whole heck of a lot because you’re walking…except you are. Because the difference between walking and hiking are HILLS! It’s that time again that I have taken up hiking since my hip still prevents me from doing anything else exciting and running season is coming! This hip shit, is getting REALLY old. I’ve also joined the Trails Challenge for our local Regional park district. My hopes of hiking is it will pay off because this upcoming running season, I actually have signed up for trail runs. I may end up starting out with an hour PR, but the great thing about it being so high, is its something I can strive to beat. I already have three (I think) trail runs under my belt, but honestly I don’t really consider them trail runs because 2 of them were paved surfaces the entire time and the 3rd was entirely flat.  I have, what I consider a, real trail run this coming Saturday. I’m excited because its going to be fun but I’m also nervous because those hills are killer! and I don’t want my hip hurting…I’m going to KT tape the crap out of it. It may work, it may not but doesn’t hurt to try. I know it helps with water under the knee and my sisters ankle issues/planter fasciitis. So there’s to that.

Castle Rock

We like to call this “ex-stream” hiking.


Contra Loma Regional Park



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