Attempted Runner.

I got pink balls, not blue.
02.23.13, 12:15
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I planned on writing some sort of blog entry at least once a week (preferably Saturday or Sunday) because I thought it would help keep me motivated. I did ok for about two to three weeks and then I didn’t. I skipped last week, because I was on a mini “vacation.” But this is something that people who read blogs, don’t really care about. At least, if I was reading another blog I wouldn’t care so much about that portion of content.

I don’t know how I can stay motivated and go on a jog when I can’t even walk 2 miles without my groin hurting. I really did a number on it at the Half (A MONTH AGO!). I stretch, I roll, I do all the handyman guide to a quick recovery but let me assure you there is nothing quick about this at all. Depressing even. I went 27 years of not being an athlete. I despised it. I signed up to run with my sister and shockingly enough, I had fun. The next two years (Feb 2013 would be the start of three years), I signed up for race after race. The longest setback was my shin splints, but even with that I still ran. It hurt, but nothing like this. I go walk SLOWLY, like snail pace, for 1 mile and I start to feel it. Two miles later, I’m wishing I never left the house. Aspirin, Biofreeze and three days of groin soreness later.

I can’t run….I can’t even walk!

I have an elliptical (that I think is just a huge waste of money and I should have bought a newer treadmill because the one I am using is squeaking and it’s really annoying but I’m too ashamed to admit that I goofed and bought the wrong machine ::takes a deep breath:::..sorry, run on sentence), but I don’t see myself actually doing anything with it (still) because its boring.

My next greatest exercise endeavor: strength.

Latest and greatest craze: Bosu ball.

I figured running and meal plans helped me lose those 45 pounds. So logic would be that the bosu ball would help me gain strength, which apparently I am lacking. It would help me get muscle which is better than fat (duh) and help me loose that last ten pounds that I’ve just struggled with for so long (5 months now!!!).

Could be a gimmick…could be legit. All I know is that it does make me sore after using it so it must be working some muscles. Also, everyone I’ve talked to (ok, like two people) say that building strength/muscle/all that jazz would help with the injuries.

I’ll give it a whirl…couldn’t hurt. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play on a pink bouncy ball? Its like I’m a kid all over again!


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