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01.29.13, 19:42
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I ran my first half marathon.

I was scared shitless.

I was supposed to train, but I didn’t. Not surprised? No, neither am I. I think I mentioned it before, but I did my 30 minute training on Tuesday and Thursdays, but when it came to the long runs on Saturday or Sunday that is where my slacker tendencies crept in. The farthest “long run” I did was 7 miles. I did a 10k. The rest, three miles was the most if I was lucky. I knew I had the half, but at the time….life was more important. Going out on the weekends was a better idea.

That morning of the half, standing in my corral….going out on the weekends seemed like a horrible mistake.

Weeks before I worried. Days before I was scared. The night before I was in a state of panic. The morning of, I was in a sheer terror.

The night before the half, I went out to the Olive Garden for protein (I’m Gluten Free, so no carbs for me from there). I was too nervous to eat, which isn’t good a night before you are to run 13 miles. I went outside and called A and broke down and cried. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to finish at all. I was mostly afraid that I wouldn’t be able to finish on time. A reassured me that I would do fine. I went back to the hotel and took a shower, tried to clam myself down. Amazingly, I was able to go to sleep.

2:30am, the alarm goes off. I get up with a calm sense of euphoria, but knew it wouldn’t last. I get dressed, was able to eat a banana with some peanut butter and hoped in the car. Driving, I was still calm and collected. I parked the car, walked down to the pre staging 5 minutes to start. I find my assigned corral and started to stretch. They let the first corral go with fireworks. Corral A. The pros. The ones that make you jealous with 1:23:19 finish times. They move us up a little closer to the start. They sent off corral B and C with cheers. I start to strip off my keep-me-warm-clothes and realized that my corral was now at the starting line. My euphoria has disappeared and I assure you I wasn’t shaking because I was cold. Fear took over, the count down begins.






I do the only natural thing that happens when I hear the gun.

I ran.

Soon, mile 1 was upon us (my sister was close by). This is typically where I get tired, start my gymboss and begin my Galloway run/walk method. Only this time, I didn’t stop. I ran some more and saw the turn that was shortly before mile 2. Yes, I studied the course like my life depended on it. If I trained as much as I learned that map, I would have been golden. I now enter Disneyland (This was for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon just two weeks ago) and I swear, the magic took over. Mile 3 hit and I’m still running.

This was the first time since my three years of running that I have run a full 3 miles without stopping. My breathing was fantastic (I have asthma), my knees were fine (I get water under the knee). I still didn’t stop. I hydrated at the designated water stops and finally at 4.58 miles I stopped running only because I had to pee. I wanted to pee inside the park where there were clean bathrooms because I heard horror stories about the outhouses along the streets of Anaheim. When I finished using the restroom, I walked just a little bit to get my groove back and then I ran again. This time around mile 5 and a half or so, is when I finally stopped running and did my run/walk method. I think this only happened because the magic left as we were now outside of the park.

When we reached the 10k mark, I was predicted to finish in 2 hours and 57 minutes. I got excited and had hope because this was almost 20 minutes faster than what my 7 mile long run time training predicted me to finish in.

Mile 7 my groin starts to hurt. Awkward, I know but I was now determined. I stopped at one of the aid stations and put BioFreeze onto my knee (because I was still nervous about getting water under the knee, despite my KT tape and brace) and also put a little on my groin. It burned. Itwas cold. I ran some more. I started to slow down and did longer walking portions (by 30 seconds maybe?? I don’t know. I never turned my GymBoss interval timer on.  My groin started to hurt a little more so I slapped some more BioFreeze on when I passed another AidStation. People may have looked at me funny, because here I am..sticking my hand down my pants, but hey! A girl’s gotta do, what a girls’ gotta do. Mile 9 comes into view and my groin is to the point of hurting, that every time I go from walking and start running again I grunt like an old man getting out of his dilapidated recliner. Then my hip starts to hurt. Both left groin and left hip. GREAT! Rather than giving in….I kept going.

I stopped a few times along the way to stretch it out cause it was hurting. I get to mile 10…maybe 11…by this time, the course map I memorized was lost in a fog and I see a downhill fast approaching. I attempt to run down it only because running down hill makes you faster, but I couldn’t even do that. My groin/hip was hurting I had to walk down the hill. When I reached the bottom of the hill and it flattened out, I felt a pop in my groin. I stop dead in my tracts, hunch over in the pain that makes you want to vomit and start to cry. I have no idea what that was but, boy did it hurt! I like to think I have a high threshold for pain considering the fact that when I was 5 I broke my right wrist, when I was 10 I broke my left wrist and both times I waited until the next day to tell my parents about it.

My sister helps me limp to the side of the course. I whip my tears and think that I’ve come this far and I CANNOT let this defeat me. I start to walk, it still hurt but I sucked it up. I had to finish! So, I kept going. I still manage a few 2-3 minute runs and holding my breath each time and trying to think of anything other than how much my hip/groin hurt. I see mile 13 and think..HOLY CRAP!

I round the corner and see the finish line. I get a little choked up because I realized that not only was I doing it…..but I did it. However, the course veered us into a little loop around the parking lot. That was a mean joke they pulled on me, but I continued to go. I finally reach the finish line with my sister by my side and I was ecstatic! I admit, I did cry, but only for a brief second. I never thought in a million years that I would do a half marathon.  I got my medal (see below…its so pretty!) made the necessary phone calls (The I DID IT!!!! calls) and found my aunt and mom waiting.

That afternoon, I was still limping around and things hurt, but I didn’t care….I just ran a half marathon! I may have done it in 3:30:09, but so what! I DID IT!!  I’d like to think that my groin/hip pain was caused my over exertion only because of the days leading up to the half…

Tuesday, I did my 30 minutes. Thursday, I sat at my cubicle for 9 hours followed by sitting in a car for 6 hours driving down to Anaheim. Friday, we went to the expo to pick up our bibs and goodies then walked around Disneyland for roughly 6 hours. Saturday, we did the Never Land family fun run 5K then walked around the park for the next 8 or so hours. Would I have done any of those days differently? Probably not. I don’t learn.

The days that followed, I swore I would never do another half marathon because of how I felt afterwords.

A week later and I was discussing with my sister that the next half that i do I am aiming to beat 3:30:09.

I gave myself a year. Another year to slack off? Probably more days than not….but I’ve signed up for more races. I’ve completed a half which gave me a new sense of runner power.

Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014, I’ll see you then.  3:30:09, live your days to the fullest cause you will be beaten.


Please note: When I say Run/Ran….I really mean jog. But hey..whether you run a sub 5 minute mile, or jog a 16 minute mile – I am still running.


That is me in the blue coming up to the finish line.

Attempted Runner, Convicted Slacker…..met your first half marathon medal!




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