Attempted Runner.

Time is running out.
12.01.12, 16:46
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Two weekends ago, I was partaking in a 10-k. It was uphill both ways and I was still able to knock 5 minutes off my time. I am doing better.  One weekend ago, I was Galloway’ing in a 5k. I WAS SO EFFIN close to FINALLY breaking into the 30s! but I’m lame and still can’t do it. 40:14. So close and I’m so angry at myself. only 15 seconds faster and I could have beat it. What I learned that weekend…NEVER wear a jacket no matter how cold it is on race day. It was freezing, I figured I would leave my jacket on (Under armour cold gear). We run, it was still freezing and along the ocean. Magically the sun comes out and it gets hot. I struggle to take my jacket off (Had to remove my iPod armband, take it off, tie it around my waist, put my iPod armband holder back on).  If I didn’t waste all that time taking it off, instead of setting another PR in the 40’s…I would of set a PR in the 30s. THen yea, of course, after I cross the finish line the sun disappears and it gets FREEZING again. I just don’t get it.  This weekend…..I’m sitting on my couch. I haven’t run of any sort since last Sunday. Why? I don’t know. I think I’m just so mad at myself that I don’t want to do it. I need too, but i just don’t want too. It’s not the smartest move on my part, but I figure I’ll take this week off, then get back to it. I can’t slack off too much only because my half is now  in….(shit!) 47 days away.  Yes…one week break, and then back to the attempted training. Monday, weights of some sort, Tuesday running program. Wednesday yoga, Thursday running program, Friday off, Saturday/Sunday Long run, Saturday/Sunday (depending on which day I ran) rest.


I gotta stick to it………I just gotta.


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