Attempted Runner.

Running in mud, you’re still considered a runner.
11.20.12, 20:20
Filed under: Random Ramblings

I blog like I run…….like a slacker. Lets see, during the last (one week short of..) two months I have done three runs? Two were mud runs. THey were my first ever and KMD was just muddy fantastic! I rolled in mud, I laughed, I got stuck in mud, I laughed some more. I’ll definitely be doing KMD again next year.  I did DG, and it was the worst. I’m most mad about that one, because there was NO MUD WHATS SO EVER! How can you have a “mud run” with NO MUD! and it was the second most expensive event that I’ve ever paid for. I’m definitely NOT doing that one again.  The last race I just did this past weekend, was my second 10k. I would love to say my “training” has paid off, but I’m not sure if it did.  I knocked 5:38 off my time, so that’s a plus, but I thought it would have been more. Granted there were a ton of up hills, so maybe if it was flat, I would have nailed it. Lets just say, I hope I’m prepared for my first half in roughly two months.  ACK! I’ll be ready… I hope…otherwise, I have no idea why I signed up. I’ll just look on the bright side of things.


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