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It’s the bees knees.
10.02.12, 18:46
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I did my first 5k since I started my ok-I’m-series-training program about two weeks ago. I did improve, but not as much as I hoped. I, Convicted Runner…attempted slacker, have high hopes. I still have not “officially” broke my goal of 39:59 yet. I’ll get there one day. I did set my second best PR though with a finish time of 41:52.  I ran the first full mile, which still is a struggle for me, but I completed it. I ran/walked on mile 2 and my knee was killing me. Normally, it is my left knee that hurts and earlier in the day we did a ALZ 5k memory walk, in the sand. Walking in the sand is hard work and apparently tough on my weak joints. Yes. I am 28 with weak joints. How I’ve tortured my body all these years. Anyway, because of the ALZ walk, my right knee was hurting. I rock taped my left and used the brace on my right. I’m not sure if this was a good thing or bad thing. By mile 2, my knee felt like it was on fire, but I didn’t stop. I kept running. I kept pushing. Was it smart? Possibly not, but I really wanted to break into the 30s. By the 3rd mile, I was dying. I didn’t have it in me to push anymore and I knew I wouldn’t make the 30s. Part of me gave up, but part of me kept on going. 41:52 later, I cross the finish line to get my glow in the dark participant bracelet. I then took off my brace and that is when the fun began.

Water on the knee.

This was the second time it happened. I wasn’t worried a whole lot, I was more interested in playing with the bubble of water because although gross, its fun. Alas, I got an ice pack from the EMTs.  I wonder to myself….if my knee wasn’t on fire, could I have run longer? Was it actually physical pain that stopped me from pushing harder? or was it emotional and myself telling me I couldn’t do it.

That was two weeks ago.

Last week, was my scheduled 5.5 training run. The farthest I’ve run, has been a 10k and even then I never trained. Last Sunday was the longest I’ve gone in a while. I put it off on Saturday…..before I could find excuses on Sunday, I got ready and did it. I found myself at mile 2.85 saying that I’ll just stop at mile 3 cause I was tired. But I really wasnt. I slowed down anyway, to start my cool down. By the time I was about to turn the treadmill off and stop at 3 miles, I noticed it was already 3.25 miles. I figured eh…only .75 more and I’ll stop at 4…When I got to mile four, instead of stopping..I thought.

SCREW YOU! I’m not giving up…I’m almost there, I’ll just do the 5.5 and get it over with. Its part of my training…I’m suppose to take it seriously, so I’m going to take it seriously. I did 5.5. I was sweaty. I wasn’t tired…but I was hungry. I felt rejuvenated. My knees didn’t hurt…right away. It is now two days later and my knees are sore. I hate my knees. I started taking magnesium and calcium. I heard that will help. I think I’ll start adding strength into my routine. Wednesday will be a good day to start thing. If I strengthen up my knee muscles maybe they wont feel like 74-year-old knees. I’m too young to have old lady knees.



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