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Power On.
09.17.12, 13:19
Filed under: Random Ramblings

My motivational power button has been turned on. This last weekend I was to do a long run of 4 miles (per my half marathon training program) but it was going to be a VERY busy weekend and I didn’t know when I would have been able to squeeze it in. Or I was thinking of ways to get out of it, because that was my typical M.O. so far, on my weekend long runs, they have all been planned for Sundays.

Saturday rolls around, and although I had time from 7am to 10am, I didn’t do it. Then I went to a carshow with A_____ and his dad, like we do every year. I get home around 2 and I still wasn’t able to do it because I had to clean like mad and prepare for A_____’s birthday party. Saturday was out of the question. I then thought to myself before I went to bed, Sunday will be out too because I need to finish cleaning, go to the store then start setting everything up for the party. I figured, if I woke up early enough….all I needed was 1 hour.

Just one.

In the big picture, one hour wouldn’t have been a whole lot of time “wasted.” And if I did run 4 miles, then at least I wouldn’t feel entire bad for everything I ate….or wanted to eat.

Sunday, I wake up at 6:40. Laid there debating on going for my run or not. If I run, I get it out of the way. If I don’t then I’ll be behind on training and I CANNOT get kicked off the course on my first half for not making the time limits. I got up, made A____ his birthday breakfast, laced my shoes up and did my run.

By two miles, I was tired and the voice in my head kept telling me to stop. I’m tired, I got stuff to do.. I told myself….I’ll at least do three miles. I get to three…..I start to walk more for my cool down. By the time I was going to stop, I’m already at 3.25. What is another .75 going to hurt? So I started my run again. I did my 2:30/1 min. run/walk ratio for the first 3 miles, I figured if I ran faster then I would get done sooner. I changed it to 1/2:30 run/walk ratio but rather than a steady jog. I was in Flash mode. Next thing I know, 62 minutes later, I did my 4.1 miles (warm up/cool down included) in I’m still on track for my strict pace time so I was happy about that….and I did it. Rather than putting it off, I did it.

I ate breakfast, I cleaned the rest of the house, I cooked and set up for the party. By the time we were eating dinner, I felt a sense of rejuvenation and accomplishment. I didn’t give in and I did my run. I was dead tired by 8:30pm but it was all worth in.

I was glad I did 4.1 miles that morning.



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